Success after success

/ Schnitzer Motorsport already was a force in the DTM between
1989 and 1992. And returned triumphantly with BMW in 2012.

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/ 2016: Back to the front
with continuity

Martin Tomczyk and António Félix da Costa
line up for Schnitzer again.

BMW and Schnitzer – these two names are inextricably linked in motorsport, and stand for many great successes: Touring car world champions, Le-Mans winners and, most recently, the triple title in the DTM in 2012. After a dry spell in recent years, veteran Bavarian Martin Tomczyk and the speedy man from Portugal António Félix da Costa are responsible for adding new successes to this track record
for the second season in a row.

In the 2015 season, Félix da Costa proved his skills as a new addition to BMW Team Schnitzer. In Zandvoort, he got the only pole position and the only win of the year after Freilassing, and is eager to build on that this year. Tomczyk on the other hand had a really terrible year, which he has moved on from with his positive attitude. And in his 16th DTM season overall, the man from Rosenheim has lost none of his fighting spirit. There will be plenty more opportunities to get good results. Like last year, the DTM will hold two races on each of the nine race weekends again. Schnitzer fans will have to get used to the car having a new colour: António Félix da Costa's BMW M4 DTM
has been given a new design.

/ Double the action

The 2016 DTM season at a glance.

No Date Country Track Result Extras
01 07.05. Hockenheimring M. Tomczyk: 12.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 7. 
02 08.05. Hockenheimring M. Tomczyk: 9.  /  A. Félix da Costa: - 
03 21.05. Spielberg M. Tomczyk: 5.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 22. 
04 22.05. Spielberg M. Tomczyk: 19.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 21. 
05 04.06. Lausitzring M. Tomczyk: -  /  A. Félix da Costa: 15. 
06 05.06. Lausitzring M. Tomczyk: 18.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 14. 
07 25.06. Norisring M. Tomczyk: 12.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 9. 
08 26.06. Norisring M. Tomczyk: 10.  /  A. Félix da Costa: - 
09 16.07. Circuit Park Zandvoort M. Tomczyk: 19.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 6. 
10 17.07. Circuit Park Zandvoort M. Tomczyk: 11.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 19. 
11 20.08. Moscow Raceway M. Tomczyk: 21.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 20. 
12 21.08. Moscow Raceway M. Tomczyk: 22.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 19. 
13 10.09. Nürburgring M. Tomczyk: 16.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 20. 
14 11.09. Nürburgring M. Tomczyk: 12.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 19. 
15 24.09. Hungaroring M. Tomczyk: 23.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 16. 
16 25.09. Hungaroring M. Tomczyk: 9.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 3. 
17 15.10. Hockenheimring M. Tomczyk: 20.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 4. 
18 16.10. Hockenheimring M. Tomczyk: 10.  /  A. Félix da Costa: - 

/ Martin Tomczyk

Full throttle since 16 years.

Personal Career
The fascination DTM …
“There is always something new in the DTM. Even if you have been around for a long time. It is always exciting and tense when the first race weekend comes around.”
His target for the season …
“It is clear to me that I don’t belong where I was last year. This means that I want to score points in every race and to bridge the gap, particularly when it comes to qualifying.”
His family …
“Having children does change your life. It is difficult to explain this to anyone who does not have children. It is really incredible, and I enjoy every moment with my children.”
6th place DTM
8th place DTM
1st place DTM
3rd place DTM
4th place DTM
5th place DTM

1st place Formula ADAC Portugal
1st place BMW ADAC
Formula Junior Cup

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/ António Félix da Costa

The quick youngster.

Personal Career
His targets for 2016 …
“I am an ambitious driver and I would lie if I would say that I am not aiming for wins and podium finishes.”
His “intergration” at Schnitzer …
“They all are really great guys and I love the way they work. And every time, Charly Lamm tries to teach me a bit more about Bavarian culture.”
His retreat …
“My home town is a wonderful place, Cascais, directly at the sea. There, I can surf and train, and the weather is always nice.”
First win DTM
11th place DTM
First win
FIA Formula E
8th place
FIA Formula E
21th place DTM
3rd place Formula
Renault 3.5 Series
1st place Formula 3
Macau Grand Prix
3rd place GP3-Series
for Red Bull Racing

7th place Formula 3
for Force India
1st place Formula
Renault 2.0 NEC
2nd place Formula
Renault 2.0 NEC

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/ 2016 Cars

Defending champion from Munich:

The BMW M4 DTM starts the 2016 DTM season as the defending champion. With the successful model from Munich, BMW not only won the manufacturers' title for the third time in four seasons last year since returning to the DTM. They also achieved a historic top-seven shut out at the race in Zandvoort – a result that has never been seen before in the DTM.

BMW Team Schnitzer will field two BMW M4 DTM again in 2016, one of which will have a very special car number to celebrate the big BMW anniversary. "There are only two car numbers that I would swap my 77 for: The number 1 of the DTM champion and the number 100 for the BMW anniversary," said Martin Tomczyk: "It's a real honour for me to be able to celebrate BMW's 100th anniversary by having the number 100 on my car."

The regulations on the performance weights have been changed for the 2016 season. From now on, the weights will be distributed to all of a manufacturer's cars only after the qualifying session for the respective race. The regulation on the use of DRS have also changed. Drivers can still continue to activate the system for folding down the rear wing when they are less than a second behind the car in front, however, the maximum number of times they can activate the system is limited depending on the length of the track and race.

Car-Details BMW M4 DTM

4.775 mm/1.950 mm/approx. 1.200 mm
Minimum weight
1.112,5 kg (+/-10 kg, incl. Driver)
carbon-fibre monocoque with integrated tank and steel roll cage; carbon-fibre crash elements on sides; carbon fibre crash elements on front and rear
90° V8 aspirated engine, four valves per cylinder, 2 x 28.0 mm air restrictors (in accordance with regulations)
approx. 480 bhp (with air restrictors, in accordance with regulations)
max. torque
approx. 500 Nm
4.000 ccm

/ #13 BMW M4 DTM

A stylish powerhouse.

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/ #100 BMW M Performance Parts

The BMW Motorsport colours – timeless beauty.

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