Success after success

/ Schnitzer Motorsport already was a force in the DTM between
1989 and 1992. And returned triumphantly with BMW in 2012.

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/ 2015: Youth
meets experience

Martin Tomczyk and António Félix da Costa
compete for Schnitzer.

BMW Team Schnitzer can call upon Martin Tomczyk’s vast wealth of experience and the youthful exuberance of António Félix da Costa when it takes to the track in the 2015 DTM season. Bruno Spengler has parted from the Freilassing-based team after three successful years, during which they won the Driver and Team titles in 2012.

“We enjoyed great success with Bruno,” said Lamm. “It was a great time. We will now do everything in our power to ensure we compete at the front of the DTM field with the new driving line-up in 2015.” The team has all the makings of a successful one. “In Martin and António, we have a very interesting and promising pair of drivers for 2015.”

For the first time since 2000, two races of equal value will be run on each DTM weekend. Tomczyk’s BMW M Performance Parts M4 DTM and Félix da Costa’s Red Bull BMW M4 DTM will take their places in the Schnitzer garage at each of the 18 races, which are spread over nine weekends. Tomczyk ended the 2014 season as the second best-placed BMW driver – an achievement BMW Team Schnitzer is determined to build on this year.

/ Double the action

The 2015 DTM season at a glance.

No Date Country Track Result Extras
01 02.05. Hockenheimring M. Tomczyk: -  /  A. Félix da Costa: 13. 
02 03.05. Hockenheimring M. Tomczyk: 4.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 20. 
03 30.05. Lausitzring M. Tomczyk: 12.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 19. 
04 31.05. Lausitzring M. Tomczyk: 11.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 14. 
05 27.06. Norisring M. Tomczyk: 6.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 12. 
06 28.06. Norisring M. Tomczyk: 11.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 12. 
07 11.07. Circuit Park Zandvoort M. Tomczyk: -  /  A. Félix da Costa: 2. 
08 12.07. Circuit Park Zandvoort M. Tomczyk: -  /  A. Félix da Costa: 1. 
09 01.08. Spielberg M. Tomczyk: -  /  A. Félix da Costa: 13. 
10 02.08. Spielberg M. Tomczyk: 13.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 11. 
11 29.08. Moscow Raceway M. Tomczyk: 17.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 11. 
12 30.08. Moscow Raceway M. Tomczyk: -  /  A. Félix da Costa: 22. 
13 12.09. Motorsport Arena Oschersleben M. Tomczyk: 8.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 3. 
14 13.09. Motorsport Arena Oschersleben M. Tomczyk: 20.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 4. 
15 26.09. Nürburgring M. Tomczyk: -  /  A. Félix da Costa: 9. 
16 27.09. Nürburgring M. Tomczyk: 9.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 15. 
17 17.10. Hockenheimring M. Tomczyk: 15.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 11. 
18 18.10. Hockenheimring M. Tomczyk: 10.  /  A. Félix da Costa: 7. 

/ Martin Tomczyk

On the road to success for 15 years.

Personal Career
His recipe for success …
“2015 marks my 15th season in the DTM. With that in mind, it is particularly important to always be extremely motivated. However, even with all that determination and ambition, it is essential to take a relaxed and fun approach to things.”
The Fascination of the DTM …
“On the one hand, the action and battles on the track. It is hard but fair. I also find it fascinating how it is possible to repeatedly push the boundaries with a high-tech product like the BMW M4 DTM and a huge team effort.”
Double the action …
“Two races mean even more action for the fans and more time in the car for the drivers. Everything is more compact. Therefore, staging two races on a weekend is a positive thing.”
6th place DTM
8th place DTM
1st place DTM
3rd place DTM
4th place DTM
5th place DTM

1st place Formula ADAC Portugal
1st place BMW ADAC
Formula Junior Cup

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/ António Félix da Costa

The quick youngster.

Personal Career
“There were one or two times in my first DTM year when I struggled. But it was from precisely these moments that I learned the most.”
“Everyone associated with motorsport knows of BMW Team Schnitzer. It is a huge honour for me to be part of Charly Lamm’s team. I hope to be able to add to the Schnitzer success story.”
“Last year, I first had to get used to the series. I have to be more consistent, then I can catch the eye throughout the entire season.”
21th place DTM
3rd place Formula
Renault 3.5 Series
1st place Formula 3
Macau Grand Prix
3rd place GP3-Series
for Red Bull Racing

7th place Formula 3
for Force India
1st place Formula
Renault 2.0 NEC
2nd place Formula
Renault 2.0 NEC

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/ 2015 Cars

The successful story from Munich:
the BMW M4 DTM.

Last season, the BMW M4 DTM proved to be a successful model. Making its debut in 2014, the car promptly racked up five victories. Last year, the Schnitzer drivers finished in the points on five occasions and made three appearances on the podium.

BMW Team Schnitzer will once again run two BMW M4 DTMs in the DTM in 2015. This time, however, there is just one tyre compound. A standard tyre is used for the qualifying sessions and races. In total, each car has four sets of slicks at its disposal.

The number of opportunities to use the Drag Reduction System (DRS) have also been increased: the system may now be used three times per lap, provided a driver is less than one second behind the car in front when he crosses the start/finish line. The driver may now lower the rear wing by 18 degrees, rather than the previous 16 degrees, thus increasing the top speed and guaranteeing even more overtaking manoeuvres.

Car-Details BMW M4 DTM

4.775 mm/1.950 mm/approx. 1.200 mm
Minimum weight
1.120 kg (+/-10 kg, incl. Driver)
carbon-fibre monocoque with integrated tank and steel roll cage; carbon-fibre crash elements on sides; carbon fibre crash elements on front and rear
90° V8 aspirated engine, four valves per cylinder, 2 x 28.0 mm air restrictors (in accordance with regulations)
approx. 480 bhp (with air restrictors, in accordance with regulations)
max. torque
approx. 500 Nm
4.000 ccm

/ Red Bull BMW M4 DTM

The blue and red powerhouse.

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/ BMW M Performance Parts

The BMW Motorsport colours – timeless beauty.

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