Success after success

/ Schnitzer Motorsport already was a force in the DTM between
1989 and 1992. And returned triumphantly with BMW in 2012.

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/ 2014: Concentrated
DTM experience

Into season three, armed with a new car
and two experienced drivers.

The BMW M4 DTM made its debut in 2014 – and BMW Team Schnitzer fielded a new driving line-up for the first time since its return to the DTM. Bruno Spengler lined up alongside the second DTM champion in the BMW Motorsport ranks: Martin Tomczyk.

With over 200 DTM races between them, Spengler and Tomczyk formed the most experienced duo in the entire series. In ten races, BMW Team Schnitzer has finished in the points on nine occasions and claimed podiums with both drivers: Spengler in Budapest and Moscow, Tomczyk in Zandvoort.

The title in the Drivers’ Championship has been won by a BMW driver for the first time since Spengler’s triumph in 2012. Marco Wittmann was crowned the youngest German champion in the history of the DTM with two races still remaining.

/ A season of highs and lows

The 2014 DTM season at a glance.

No Date Country Track Result Extras
01 04.05. Hockenheimring B. Spengler: 6.  /  M. Tomczyk: 7. 
02 18.05. Motorsport Arena Oschersleben B. Spengler: 12.  /  M. Tomczyk: 9. 
03 01.06. Hungaroring Budapest B. Spengler: 3.  /  M. Tomczyk: 13. 
04 29.06. Norisring B. Spengler: 11.  /  M. Tomczyk: - 
05 13.07. Moscow Raceway B. Spengler: 2.  /  M. Tomczyk: 13. 
06 03.08. Spielberg B. Spengler: 10.  /  M. Tomczyk: 4. 
07 17.08. Nürburgring B. Spengler: 12.  /  M. Tomczyk: 8. 
08 14.09. Lausitzring B. Spengler: 15.  /  M. Tomczyk: 8. 
09 28.09. Circuit Park Zandvoort B. Spengler: 16.  /  M. Tomczyk: 3. 
10 19.10. Hockenheimring B. Spengler: 12.  /  M. Tomczyk: 7. 

/ Bruno Spengler

The first DTM champion of the new era.

Personal Career
Where do you feel most at home?
“Canada is my home. Whenever I am there, I feel like I have come home. However, I also feel very happy in Switzerland, as this is my base for my greatest passion – motor racing.”
What makes you happy?
“Winning races. A good meal. Spending time with my family – and doing a lot of sport.”
What do you find so captivating about motorsport?
“The adrenalin, stress and motivation you need in order to be successful. BMW Team Schnitzer also fascinated me in 2012. To make such a successful return to the DTM after an absence of 20 years was sensational.”
What memories do you have of your first race?
“It was a kart race in Mulhouse, in Alsace, and it was very cold and pouring it down. I finished third, although the others had already been competing for a year. That was a good result for me.”
12th place DTM
3rd place DTM
1st place DTM
3rd place DTM
3rd place DTM
4th place DTM

5th place DTM
2nd place DTM
2nd place DTM
1st place Formula Renault North Amerika

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/ Martin Tomczyk

A Bavarian among fellow Bavarians.

Personal Career
Where do you feel most at home?
“At my old, and new, home in Rosenheim with my wife Christina and our daughter.”
What makes you happy?
“When the people who are most important to me are healthy and can enjoy life. That is what makes me happy.”
What do you find so captivating about motorsport?
“The action and the teamwork.”
What is your best moment in motorsport?
“Winning the 2011 DTM title in Valencia. All the hard work I put in over the previous years finally paid off at that moment when I crossed the finish line as champion.”
6th place DTM
8th place DTM
1th place DTM
3rd place DTM
4th place DTM
5th place DTM

1st place Portuguese Formula ADAC
1st place BMW ADAC
Formula Junior Cup

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/ 2014 Cars

Black Beast meets
iconic BMW Motorsport white.

BMW Motorsport changed model for the 2014 DTM season, replacing the BMW M3 DTM with the BMW M4 DTM. Development work on the new car began a whole year before its debut in Hockenheim. As such, the cars went into their first season on the back of meticulous preparations – a fact highlighted by Marco Wittmann’s victory in the BMW M4 DTM’s very first race.

BMW Team Schnitzer lined up with Bruno Spengler’s black BMW M4 DTM and Martin Tomczyk’s BMW M Performance Parts M4 DTM, sporting the traditional white, red and blue BMW Motorsport livery.

Car-Details BMW M4 DTM

4.775 mm/1.950 mm/approx. 1.200 mm
Minimum weight
1.120 kg (+/-10 kg, incl. Driver)
carbon-fibre monocoque with integrated tank and steel roll cage; carbon-fibre crash elements on sides; carbon fibre crash elements on front and rear
90° V8 aspirated engine, four valves per cylinder, 2 x 28.0 mm air restrictors (in accordance with regulations)
approx. 480 bhp (with air restrictors, in accordance with regulations)
max. torque
approx. 500 Nm
4.000 ccm

/ BMW Bank M4 DTM

The second generation of the “Black Beast”.

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/ BMW M Performance Zubehör M4 DTM

New car, classic design.

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