/ 2012: Dream

Bruno Spengler, BMW Team Schnitzer and BMW
do the treble.

Schnitzer Motorsport and BMW returned to the DTM after an absence of 20 years – and did so with a bang. It took Bruno Spengler and BMW Team Schnitzer just two races to claim their first win at the Lausitzring. This was BMW’s 50th victory in the DTM and a new chapter in a success story that had left off with a one-two for Roberto Ravaglia and Schnitzer in 1992.

Spengler won a further three races in the second half of the season, as he mounted a stunning fightback to claim his first Drivers’ title in a dramatic finale in Hockenheim. At the same time, BMW Team Schnitzer also won the Team competition and BMW triumphed in the Manufacturers’ Championship. The treble was complete in the comeback season. After ten races, the Schnitzer crew also topped the standings for the fastest pit stop of the year.

/ DTM comeback in ten acts

The 2012 DTM season at a glance.

No Date Country Track Result Extras
01 29.04. Hockenheimring B. Spengler: -  /  D. Werner: 17. 
02 06.05. Lausitzring B. Spengler: 1.  /  D. Werner: 19. 
03 20.05. Brands Hatch B. Spengler: 3.  /  D. Werner: 2. 
04 03.06. Spielberg B. Spengler: -  /  D. Werner: - 
05 01.07. Norisring B. Spengler: 3.  /  D. Werner: 10. 
06 19.08. Nürburgring B. Spengler: 1.  /  D. Werner: 12. 
07 26.08. Circuit Park Zandvoort B. Spengler: 6.  /  D. Werner: 8. 
08 16.09. Oschersleben B. Spengler: 1.  /  D. Werner: 4. 
09 30.09. Valencia B. Spengler: 2.  /  D. Werner: 4. 
10 21.10. Hockenheimring B. Spengler: 1.  /  D. Werner: 5. 

/ Bruno Spengler

The Canny Canadian.

Personal Career
Who is your biggest fan?
“My parents.”
What is your greatest strength?
“Motivation and willpower. No matter how hopeless a situation may appear, I never give up.”
And your greatest weakness?
“I am very stubborn. That can sometimes be an advantage. Unfortunately, however, it can also be a disadvantage sometimes.”
One thing that people do not know about you?
“My grandmother gave me an elk as a lucky charm. There are other things, but I’m not telling you them.”
3rd place DTM
3rd place DTM
4th place DTM
5th place DTM
2nd place DTM

2nd place DTM
2nd place Formula Renault Germany
1st place Formula Renault North America
5th place Formula Renault France

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/ Dirk Werner

Daddy Cool.

Personal Career
Where do you feel most at home?
“With my family, wherever we are. That can be at a race or on holiday. As long as my wife and two kids are nearby, I feel at home.”
What makes you happy?
“From a professional point of view, being successful in motorsport and achieving the goals I set myself. Privately, when the people who are most important to me are well. That is the case now, so I am a happy chap at the moment.”
What do you find so captivating about motorsport?
“The technology behind a car like the BMW M3 DTM. The constant striving to get the very maximum out of the car. The team spirit at BMW. And, generally speaking, the desire to be the best out on the racetrack. That is what motivates me.”
What was your greatest moment in motorsport?
“I will certainly always remember the victories I have achieved in motorsport. However, probably the most important day in my career came in 2010, when I became a BMW works driver.”
9th place DTM
1st place LMGT2-class
ILMC Zhuhai
1st place GT-class
1st place GT-class
1st place 24h-race
1st place 24h-race

1st place Porsche
Carrera Cup
1st place 24h-race
1st place Renault
Clio V6 Trophy
1st place Ford
Puma Cup
2nd place Formula
3rd place BMW ADAC
Formula Junior Cup

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/ 2012 Cars

New start
in black and yellow.

The meticulous preparations were complete and the waiting was over in May 2012. The BMW M3 DTM made its debut in Hockenheim, and was immediately right on the pace. Dirk Werner qualified an excellent third at the first attempt, and the first win of the new era came just one race later, courtesy of Bruno Spengler.

By the end of its first season, the BMW M3 DTM had five wins and five pole positions to its name. Spengler’s BMW Bank M3 DTM featured a matt-black livery, soon to become his trademark, while Werner’s
E-POSTBRIEF BMW M3 DTM was an eye-catching yellow.

Car-Details BMW M3 DTM

4.775 mm/1.950 mm/approx. 1.200 mm
Minimum weight
1.100 kg (+/-10 kg, incl. Driver)
carbon-fibre monocoque with integrated tank and steel roll cage; carbon-fibre crash elements on sides; carbon fibre crash elements on front and rear
90° V8 aspirated engine, four valves per cylinder, 2 x 28.0 mm air restrictors (in accordance with regulations)
approx. 480 bhp (with air restrictors, in accordance with regulations)
max. torque
approx. 500 Nm
4.000 ccm

/ BMW Bank M3 DTM

The Black Beast.

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The fastest post van in the world.

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